Company News November 25, 2020

HANDLE Aids KY Health Care Workers via KPCA Stockpile

The Kentucky Primary Care Association (KPCA) is working with HANDLE Global to help its provider members store and access critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). HANDLE uses its procurement capabilities to obtain several categories of PPE and the HANDLE Operations Center provides a secure location to house an adequate supply of PPE for KPCA members. Financial commitments from the KPCA and donations from other institutions allows KPCA members to access the PPE stockpile, free of charge!

This innovative concept provides peace of mind and stability to our primary care providers who are on the frontlines of this COVID-19 pandemic. The PPE warehouse provides the tools our providers need to safely treat their patients.

Molly Lewis – Chief Operating Officer at the Kentucky Primary Care Association
KPCA PPE Stockpile Powered by HANDLE

PPE Products and Allotments

[Health care workers] are frazzled, tired, and extended in every dimension at home and at work. To be able to do something to help them make sure they have the protection they need and make sure they are as safe as possible is a big deal. We are there for them in their time of biggest need.

Kyle Green – Chief Executive Officer at HANDLE Global

Ordering Process

Once the PPE is procured and stored at HANDLE’s facility, members are allotted an equal dollar amount to spend on any category of PPE. KPCA members submit requests for HANDLE to pick, pack and ship their custom PPE order directly to the member facility, free of charge. HANDLE helps members stay up to date on their allocated balance and any changes in products or pricing. HANDLE has provided essential PPE to nearly half of all KPCA member facilities in the first month of the stockpile operation.

Companies and organizations with medical logistics needs in the fight against COVID-19 can contact Brandon Carlson at

About KPCA

The Kentucky Primary Care Association was founded in 1976 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation of community health centers, rural health clinics, primary care centers, and all other organizations and individuals concerned about access to health care services for the state’s under-served rural and urban populations.

KPCA is charged with promoting the mutual interests of our members, with a mission to promote access to comprehensive, community-oriented primary health care services for the underserved.

Association members are providers of primary care – first contact, broadly trained physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, behavioral health providers, dental providers, pharmacists, and other professionals delivering whole-person health care.

We support the development of primary care services throughout the Commonwealth by working with federal, state, and local legislators, regulatory agencies, health policy organizations, foundations, and payers to build a stronger primary care system in Kentucky.

KPCA was established to:

  • Develop a unified coalition of primary care providers.
  • Stimulate and support development of primary health care services.
  • Serve the needs of our members.