Company News November 3, 2020

HANDLE Global Unveils 30,000+ Square Foot Operations Center

As pressure remains heavy on the healthcare supply chain and those who rely on it, HANDLE continues to provide comprehensive solutions by introducing the 30,000+ sq. ft. HANDLE Operations Center!  Key warehouse attributes and space allows HANDLE to offer unique capabilities to its customers with PPE and capital procurement and its storage.  

Operations Center Details

The total square footage of the HANDLE Operations Center spans to 31,600 sq. ft.  This space includes 27,600 sq. ft. of warehouse space, packaging rooms, and multiple shipping dock areas. An additional 3,200 sq. ft. of office space is on 2 floors with 12 outfitted office spaces and 2 conference rooms.  The warehouse is fully temperature controlled and secured. 

Primary Warehouse Space – 15,600 square feet


In addition to the warehouse acting as HANDLE’s Operations Center, the Veterans Health Administration will utilize this space through the Deployment of Equipment Recertification, and Management of Surge Capacity (DERMS) contract with HANDLE.  The addition of the space will enhance the company’s ability to assist the VA in identifying, recertifying, and rebalancing critical care items within the VHA surplus fleet and distribute them to hot spots to support increased demand for patient care.  Equipment included in the program covers ventilators, infusion pumps, hospital beds and stretchers, monitors, and more.  The disposition of the surplus assets from each facility provides many benefits. 

Asset Disposition Benefits:

•Free up valuable space in your onsite storage facilities

•Reduce the burden on your staff to remove excess equipment

•Maximize your return on the sale of excess or decommissioned assets

•Add life to aging or retired assets for redeployment, maximizing your current capital

This space will also be used to provide HANDLE customers with space for PPE and equipment stockpiles.  The warehouse compliments HANDLE’s PPE business segment that fully tests and vets products before listing them for sale.  As HANDLE uses its global network of suppliers to provide guidance in PPE procurement, the warehouse space provides unique partnership opportunities for instant access to quality PPE products and protection against price volatility through the Strategic Stockpile program. 

What Is Next:

As HANDLE continues to grow, the business will finalize additional warehousing space in the Jefferson County area. Increased space will help improve existing processes for current HANDLE customers while providing opportunities for new customer growth. More information to come as plans are finalized!

Current PPE Customers:

Northwestern Medicine, Kentucky Primary Care Association (Strategic Stockpile), Baptist Health, Sutter Health, Beaumont Health, and more!  

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