Company News March 12, 2021

HANDLE Global and Domestic PPE Manufacturing

HANDLE Global has worked diligently throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic to establish secure supply lines for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). With vaccinations making significant progress (2 million+ per day in the US), it is time to take preventative measures for the future, which includes bringing the manufacturing of goods back to the United States. The movement towards domestic manufacturing will create jobs and be a step in the right direction in allowing Americans to control their own supply chain.

HANDLE is happy to announce a fellow Louisville-based company, Universal Medical Supply (UMS), is working to solve the critical problem in the nation’s PPE supply chain by producing surgical masks and N95’s right here in Louisville, KY. The initiative for domestic PPE manufacturing will help increase our country’s preparedness for any future health crises, and HANDLE supports companies like UMS who are an important part of this movement.

90% of the personal protective equipment that our healthcare workers use to keep us safe is made in China. It is fantastic to see a fellow Louisville company doing their part to help the country recover and create jobs while doing it. We are proud to announce our continued support for companies like UMS.

Zach Haynes, Business Development Manager – HANDLE Global
Universal Medical Supply – 3-ply Surgical Mask

Universal Medical Supply is currently producing a 3-ply Protective Mask that tests at an ASTM Level 3. The manufacturer is also starting production of an N95 mask, which is pending FDA approval. Both HANDLE and Universal Medical Supply are strategically located in Louisville, KY within miles of the UPS Worldport hub to help provide the most streamlined distribution possible.