Company News January 1, 2019

Letter from the CEO

I have always been accustomed to using items to their fullest potential. Growing up in rural Kentucky, I was raised to waste as little as possible and to find usefulness in items that are deemed ‘end of life.’

When I was a baby, my dad was working for a construction company.  His company was building an apartment building and had to tear down two houses.  He took the boards from the old houses, removed the nails, and built our house that I live in until middle school.


My childhood home in rural Kentucky

Several years later, we decided to move to a house in town (with running water, a luxury we were without in our first house).  Never ones to shy away from unique challenges, my parents decided on an old church to renovate, retaining as much of the original structure as we could.  


Our second family home, a converted Jehovah’s Witness church in Danville, Kentucky

These experiences stayed with me through my undergraduate experience and into the healthcare sector where I worked with hospital systems all over the United States and in China with Johns Hopkins International.  

From the inside of health systems, I saw inefficient use of our employees’ time to search for things to purchase and to find buyers for things we needed to sell, with both often coming at a very high risk to our organization(s).  There had to be a better way to approach purchasing in the healthcare market.

As I worked my way up the ladder and into senior operations and strategy leadership, the lessons I learned in my youth were never far from my mind.  What I had seen as a child and an adult were coming together and pulling me towards a new path.

HANDLE was started with the mission to create value by uniquely protecting sellers and helping buyers discover opportunities that they couldn’t previously see – bending the healthcare cost curve in the process. HANDLE works with providers (hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, etc.), manufacturers, and others to create the trusted asset exchange. Patients get needed healthcare products, sellers recoup value, buyers get a significant discount, and items stay out of the waste stream. Things have come full circle for me, and I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else…

We are looking forward to working with you!


Kyle Green